Track Your Order


After you’ve successfully placed your order online or over the phone give it about a day or so and you should have receive a tracking number that looks like this —> 13080950000158119083 you can then begin tracking your package online at but you should only start doing this after you’ve gotten a order completed email from us.

What you need to know about shipping

1) We provide free package insurance for each order. This means if your package is lost or stolen while in route to the shipping address you provided at checkout your money will be refunded after a proper investigation has been done.

2) Sometimes there can be a delay in receiving your package however this is beyond our control once we ship the package. But please rest assured that we try our hardest to make sure everyone receives their order in a timely manner. 

3) A unique tracking number is given for every order so no tracking number will ever be the same.


If you’re having any issues with your tracking number you can also call us toll free at 1(877) 469-8285 where we can assist you.